EYE TO EYE-S4E1-Pat Bishop

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    Pat Bishop

    DIRECTED BY: Christopher Laird

    Series Trinidad & Tobago | 2010 | 60 min | English HD


    Pat Bishop is a Musician and Artist and holder of Trinidad & Tobago’s highest award -The Trinity Cross. The pursuit of scholarship, and service to her country in fields as diverse as environmental education, Government economic policy and the development of Carnival represents but a small fraction of her pursuits and interests. She has directed the Lydian Singers, one of the nation’s premier choirs for thirty years. She has arranged and conducted most of the Nation’s most accomplished and established steelbands and has been a tireless advocate of music literacy in the steelband movement, forming her own steelband section to accompany the Lydians. She has just completed the production with Lydians and Lydian steel of the world’s first performance of the entire Handel’s Messiah with Steelband accompaniment.