EYE TO EYE-S4E13-Paul Keens-Douglas

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    Paul Keens-Douglas

    DIRECTED BY: Christopher Laird

    Series Trinidad & Tobago | 2010 | 60 min | English HD


    Cozier has taught at various institutions and works in collaboration with a number of younger developing artists, designers and illustrators. His work has consisted of multi- media projects, involving sound, video, live performances and installations, including drawings, constructions and appropriated objects. Christopher’s works are in a number of collections both private and corporate in the USA, Europe, and Africa and in the Caribbean. The artist is a Senior Research Fellow at the Academy of The University of Trinidad & Tobago (UTT) and one of the collaborators in the experimental space, in Port of Spain, called Alice Yard. He has been a central figure in the development of a discourse around art in the Post- Colonial Caribbean which while not endearing him to the local art establishment has created space for a new generation of Caribbean practitioners anxious to engage the world.