EYE TO EYE-S4E4-Frances-Anne Solomon

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    Frances-Anne Solomon

    DIRECTED BY: Christopher Laird

    Series Trinidad & Tobago | 2010 | 60 min | English HD


    Frances-Anne Solomon is one of the most prolific of contemporary Caribbean filmmakers. Among her feature films are: What My Mother Told me, Peggy Su! and A Winter Tale. She has produced documentaries such as Reunion (about women from the West Indies serving in the armed forces during WWII) and television series such as the sitcom Lord Have Mercy.
    Frances-Anne founded the Caribbean Tales film festival in Toronto, Canada, some five years ago and recently mounted The Best of Caribbean Tales film festival in Barbados. She has recently established Caribbean Tales Worldwide Distribution, a distribution company for Caribbean films. Through the Caribbean tales initiative Frances-Anne has focussed attention on the growing volume of films being produced in and by the region.