EYE TO EYE-S4E8-Tony Hall

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    Tony Hall

    DIRECTED BY: Christopher Laird

    Series Trinidad & Tobago | 2010 | 60 min | English HD


    Actor, Dramatist, Writer, Television Presenter, Filmmaker, Tony Hall, drawing from his experience working with catalyst theatre in Edmonton, Canada, continued his work in developing socially conscious, popular theatre and drama for social action in Trinidad where he has been working for the past thirty years. His play Jean and Dinah – who have been locked away in a world famous calypso since 1956, speak their minds publicly is acknowledged as a new Caribbean classic.Tony has developed the Jouvay Process, used in many parts of the world for the teaching of acting and performance using among other concepts ‘Jamette Consciousness’. In recent years he has been working on the development of feature films, not least among them a screen version of Jean and Dinah.