Antillean Green Card


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    A young woman flees Holland from her abusive husband to seek refuge in St. Maarten.

    DIRECTED BY: Peter Sagnia

    Feature Film | St. Maarten | 2011 | 95 mins | English | HD


    A young woman leaves her abusive husband in Holland to seek refuge in St. Maarten. But the law has changed since the island obtained country status and she is stranded at the airport. The Chief Immigration Officer is a man of integrity and exemplary service, who is torn between enforcing the new law and instinctively helping a woman he doesn’t know – and whom he meets on the anniversary of his wife’s death. Antillean Green Card showcases the talents of Peter Sagnia, a man of many facets — film maker, screenwriter and director, composer of music and stage plays. Born in London, England, he is continually searching for innovative ways to give voice to the tremendous wealth of talent that exists in the Caribbean.