On The Map


The film debunks the myth of a unified, ‘laid back’ Caribbean culture by exposing how Caribbean people treat themselves as ‘other’. By questioning the notion of a merged Caribbean, the film asks difficult questions: Have regional institutions failed to advance integration? Will political leaders sacrifice sovereign power for a shared power under increasing regional governance? Is the CSME interested in the lives and dreams of poor, unskilled Caribbean nationals?

Includes interviews with: Mas man Peter Minshall; poet Kamau Brathwaite; playwright/performer Michael Gilkes; and, musician Wendell Manwarren, among others.

Notable Festivals & Screenings:
  • 4th Annual Latin American &
  • Caribbean Film Festival, Atlanta, GA;
  • 9th DC Caribbean Filmfest 2009
  • Decima Bienial de la Habana, Cuba;
  • 3rd Annual Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival;
  • CARIFESTA X, Guyana;
  • Roxbury Film Festival, Boston;
  • Orlando’s 1st Caribbean Film Festival;
  • ReelWorld Film Festival;
  • Brooklyn Museum of Art
  • Barbados International Film Festival.
  • Director:  

    Annalee Davis


    Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago & Guyana




    30 mins




    Intra-Caribbean migration from Guyana to Barbados.

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