Story of Lover’s Rock, The


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    The story of a genre of reggae that was created in the UK

    DIRECTED BY: Menelik Shabaz

    Documentary | U.K. | 2011 | 97 mins | English |


    A feature length documentary that tells the story of a genre of reggae that was created in the UK. It was influential and very successful in the 70’s and 80’s and still lives on today. Along with the music came the dancing and fashion that created a unique brand of lifestyle. Inspired by female artists, Lover’s Rock was the first “girl power” music in the UK at a time of heightened political tension and racial unrest. Menelik Shabazz, (director of Burning An Illusion) charts the rise of Lover’s Rock, often dubbed “romantic reggae”. Through live performances from the leading exponents of the genre along with humorous reflections and interviews the film brings back to life the era when the music was at a highpoint. Along with the music came a unique fashion style and “scrubbing” an intimate dance between male and female that defined the Lover’s Rock brand.