Wild T&T

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    A celebration of T&T’s amazing wealth of wildlife and a plea for its conservation.

    DIRECTED BY: Alex Deverteuil

    Short Documentary | Trinidad & Tobago and Tobago | 2005 | 45 mins | English |


    Various species of wildlife found in Trinidad & Tobago, from the red howler and capuchin monkeys of the Nariva wetlands to the red-billed tropic-birds of Little Tobago. On the two islands there is an amazing tally of wildlife species that include over 450 birds, 100 reptiles, a similar number of mammals and more than 600 butterflies. Also featured are the giant leatherbacks — largest of all sea turtles — from the north coast beaches. Trinidad’s central ridge is home to such spectacular birds as the blue-backed manakin and the sabre-wing hummingbird.