70: Remembering A Revolution


Elizabeth Topp & Alex Devertuil | Trinidad & Tobago | 113 mins | 2011 | English | PG | HD
How did a handful of students change the course of history in Trinidad and Tobago?


Elizabeth Topp & Alex Devertuil | Trinidad & Tobago | 113 mins | 2011 | English | PG | HD

Between February and April 1970, the streets of Port-of-Spain were filled with angry young black men and women chanting “Power to the People”, fists raised in a salute learned from the Black Panthers of the U.S.A. This was the legendary Black Power revolution, which captivated the imaginations of their youthful followers and made the government of Dr. Eric Williams and the white establishment very nervous indeed.

This important story, with its hits and misses, its tragedy and its humour, is told through interviews with a broad cross section of those who were actually there. Their memories and anecdotes, by turns moving and hilarious, surprising and shocking, are supported by newly-unearthed archival film footage.

Special Jury Prize – Best Local Feature Film at the 2011 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival

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