Clouds Over Conakry (Il Va Pleuvoir Sur Conakry)


Cheick Fantamady Camara | France, Guinea | 113 mins | 2007 | English | PG |
A dialogue between tradition and modernity.


Cheick Fantamady Camara | France, Guinea | 113 mins | 2007 | English | PG |

The city of Conakry is hit by a severe draught. And young BB has to make difficult decisions. His father is the Iman of Conakry and he has heen recently appointed to succeed him in this office. He is expected to go on a study trip to Saudi Arabia. But BB has kept secrets from his father both about his job as a political cartoonist at a liberal newspaper and about his relationship with a young woman from a middle-class family. Now, his girlfriend discovers she is pregnant.

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