Dawn Wilkinson | Canada | 80 mins | 2005 | English | PG | A lost girl finds her way.


Dawn Wilkinson | Canada | 80 mins | 2005 | English | PG |

A bi-racial 11-year-old girl loses her mother in a car accident because of her father’s drunk driving. As father and daughter begin a new life, she is haunted by memories of her mother’s death and displeased with the new woman in her father’s life. This coming-of-age story seeks resolution between her identity as the child of a white mother and her reluctant forgiveness of her black father. Devotion is Dawn Wilkinson’s first feature film. For it, she won the Tony Stoltz Completion Award and the Star! Audience Award at the ReelWorld Film Festival in Toronto, as well as Best Feature at the San Francisco Urban Kids Film Festival.

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