Fire Burn Babylon


Sarita Siegel | U.K. | 53 mins | 2012 | English | PG | Three friends reinvent themselves in London when a volcano destroys their island home.


Sarita Siegel | U.K. | 53 mins | 2012 | English | PG |

An inquiry into the transformations of culture and place when a spiritually vivid past meets the intransigent reality of a Western city. Rastafarians Lyndon, I-Shaka and Elroy reinvent themselves as rude-boy rappers and small-time hustlers on the East End nightclub circuit. Will their dreams of celebrity be realized before the law catches up with them. There will be difficult choices to be made. Told through the eyes of the men themselves, the women who love them and the elders who guide them. Awards: Audience Award Freestyle Life Film Festival 2012; Special Mention, Aruba International Film Festival 2011; Bronze Palm award, Mexico International Film Festival 2010; Honorable Mention, COMMFFEST MADA AWARDS, Toronto. Best Music nomination, Jamaica Reggae Film Festival 2012

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