Forward Home


Lisa Wickham | Trinidad & Tobago | 50 mins | 2011 | English | PG |
Exploring the economic power of the Caribbean Diaspora.


Lisa Wickham | Trinidad & Tobago | 50 mins | 2011 | English | PG |

Forward Home: The Power of the Caribbean Diaspora, a documentary filmed in nine countries, reveals the economic power of the people of the Caribbean Diaspora living in global cities as well as the significance of their contributions to their homeland, as travellers, expatriates and entrepreneurs. Forward Home is based on two years academic research  entitled Strategic Opportunities in Caribbean Migration by economist Dr. Keith Nurse who was also the films executive director. With Lisa Wickham’s astute directing and Sheldon Felix’s clear-eyed photography, it is a rich piece of investigative film work combining academic insights with a profound portrayal of different Caribbean peoples, cultures and landscapes. (By Fernando Luis Gonzalez Mitjans)

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