Hit For Six


Alison Saunders | Trinidad & Tobago | 90 mins | 2007 | English | PG |
As he battles the demons of his past, a sportsman learns valuable lessons in love and forgiveness.


Alison Saunders | Trinidad & Tobago | 90 mins | 2007 | English | PG |

A talented but unreliable West Indies cricketer is blackballed for three years from playing with the national team. Desperate to win the respect of his estranged and critical father who is a former great West Indies player, he pursues an unlikely quest to regain his team status for a last chance to play in the Global One Day Series. Alison Saunders is a Barbadian / Trinidadian who wrote and directed the first feature film to be exported commercially from Barbados. Hit For Six! is a rich tapestry of Caribbean culture, which, since its release in 2007, has won several awards and been screened throughout the Region and at film festivals around the world.

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