I Is A Long Memoried Woman


Frances-Anne Solomon | U.K. | 50 mins | 1990 | English | PG | The history of slavery through the eyes of Caribbean women


Frances-Anne Solomon | U.K. | 50 mins | 1990 | English | PG |

An extraordinary video based on Grace Nichols’ collection of poems that chronicles the history of slavery through the eyes of Caribbean women, it is a striking combination of monologue, dance, and song – griot-style – that conveys a young African woman’s quest for survival in the New World. The poems are performed by two narrators. The first, played by Adjoa Andoh, is a young girl, painfully trying to come to terms with her enforced reality. The second, Leonie Forbes, is a mature woman who has seen and survived all. The dramatic narration is juxtaposed with dance sequences performed by Malisha Adlum, Eusebia Suffren and Steve Wright, along with archive stills of enslavement and revolt. Awards: Gold Award for Television Performing Arts, New York International Film & Television Festival Best Feature Documentary (BBC Radio Version), Sony Radio Awards. Most Innovative Radio Feature (Nominated), Prix Futura

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