Mile From Home, A


Eric Aghimien | Nigeria | 113 mins | 2013 | English | PG | HD
Having left behind an old life, there is now no going back.


Eric Aghimien | Nigeria | 113 mins | 2013 | English | PG | HD

Jude, a university student, joins a notorious gang (The Cul) to take his revenge against Stone, an infamous gangster who has taken away his precious watch (a gift from his father when he turned eighteen). By the time Jude realizes joining the gang was a mistake, he decides to leave. But by then it is too late. He has become the favorite of Suku, the leader of the gang, who sets him up as his Number Two, making it even more impossible for him to leave. Suku introduces him to drug dealing and even gives him a new name, Lala. And Suku is willing to share anything with Jude ? except his girlfriend, seductive Ivie. Awarded Best Feature Film at the Nollywood Movies Awards (NMA) 2014

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