Notting Hill: 21st Century Carnival


Matthew Bartlett & James Kermack | U.K. | 46 mins | 2013 | English | PG |
Has the heritage of the Carnival been lost or has it been transformed by today?s society?


Matthew Bartlett & James Kermack | U.K. | 46 mins | 2013 | English | PG |

Commissioned by The Print Room as a companion film to Karen Martinez’s short After Mas, the film follows Cyprian De Coteau, a Trinidadian living in London, as he returns to the Notting Hill Carnival after ten years absence. In his search for the heart of the carnival, from its roots in Trinidad and Tobago to the multicultural street festival of today, he solicits differing opinions from a broad cross-section of Trinidadians: author Earl Lovelace; musician and poet, Anthony Joseph; activist and writer; Attillah Springer; Notting Hill councilors; theatre director Felix Cross; Tabernacle Director (at the time) Christopher Scholey, and costume designers Flamboyan, to name but a few. Maria Nunes supplies some truly great photographs of the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival.nn.

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