Other Side Of The Water, The


Jeremy Robins and Magali Damas | U.S.A, Haiti | 72 mins | 2010 | English | PG |
The Journey of a Haitian Rara Band in Brooklyn


Jeremy Robins and Magali Damas | U.S.A, Haiti | 72 mins | 2010 | English | PG | art carnival, part voodoo ceremony and part grassroots protest, Haitian ?Rara? is one of the most breathtaking and contested forms of music in the Americas. The Other Side of the Water follows a group of young immigrants who take this ancient music from the hills of Haiti and reinvent it on the streets of Brooklyn. The film tells the story of an unlikely band that comes to speak for a larger community and a music that manages to create a new meaning of home in the Diaspora.

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