Primetime: Fighting Back Against Foreclosure


Jennifer Fasulo & Manauvaskar Kublall | U.S.A | 23 mins | 2009 | English | PG |
Into the homes and hearts of two NYC women who have been pummeled by the foreclosure tsunami.


Jennifer Fasulo & Manauvaskar Kublall | U.S.A | 23 mins | 2009 | English | PG |

This timely film breaks down the complex issues of the sub-prime mortgage industry into easy to understand language and reveals the systematic culpability of financial institutions. Weaving individual stories into a collective narrative, it brings to light the disproportionate impact of the foreclosure crisis on communities of colour. As the US government continues to bail out the financial industry, this documentary serves as an urgent reminder of the on-the-ground struggles of people fighting to keep their homes. Notable Screenings: Museum of Modern Art, New York

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