Quienes Son?


Alex Stikich | U.S.A, Cuba | 8 mins | 2002 | English | PG |
Combining documentary with fantasy, an extraterrestrial metaphor to look at the lighter side of a possible Cuban invasion.

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Alex Stikich | U.S.A, Cuba | 8 mins | 2002 | English | PG |

October 1962, the world was at a standstill. In response to America’s failed invasion of Cuba, the Soviet Union began a buildup of offensive missiles on the island. In turn, the US imposed a blockade and demanded that the Soviets dismantle their arms. After two tense weeks, the Soviets finally agreed. In exchange, the Americans promised never to invade. This promise, however, never fully allayed Cuban fears of an attack. Over the backdrop of a mysterious and spacey original score, Cuban radio excerpts denounce US cultural and economic dominance, while sequences of witnessed accounts are woven together to imply the presence of a roaming intruder. Notable Screenings: Sundance Film Festival.

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