Resilience: Stories Of Single Black Mothers


Lisa Valencia-Svensson | Canada | 48 mins | 2010 | English | PG |
Resilience is an intimate, richly detailed documentary that confronts long-held stereotypes by stepping inside the lives of three real women in the real world


Lisa Valencia-Svensson | Canada | 48 mins | 2010 | English | PG |

With honesty, intelligence and humour, Nancy, Simone and Gloria reflect on their experiences of balancing single parenthood, working life, relationships and the fulfillment of their own goals in the context of a society that is often harshly judgmental. By interweaving these intimate stories, the documentary offers a deeper understanding of the challenges, practical strategies and dreams of three resilient women and, indeed, of many black single mothers in Canada. Notable Festivals & Screenings: Ontario Black History Society’s International Film Festival; DOC Night Out; African Diaspora Film Festival; Mid-Atlantic Black Film Festival; International Black Film Festival of Nashville; Detroit Windsor International Film Festival