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Melissa A. Gomez | Antigua | 38 mins | 2008 | English | PG |
There are few bonds stronger than the collective love and values of a West Indian family.


Melissa A. Gomez | Antigua | 38 mins | 2008 | English | PG | Exploring the relationships between three Antiguan brothers and the unique way in which they continue to fight for a brother who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia almost 25 years ago, the story celebrates two of the most important things in Caribbean life: family and laughter. Christopher Laird, CEO of Trinidad & Tobago?s Gayelle TV and co-founder of Banyan Productions, lauded the film as showing ?great technical skill in difficult circumstances. Melissa?s efforts to delve beneath the skins and souls of macho Caribbean males demonstrates a sensitive touch and her rewards are hard won.? Awards: Best Documentary Production, Berlin Black International Cinema Festival; Best Documentary Short (Nominated), Pan African Film & Arts Festival.